RC Chemical, is an online portal that trades designer drugs and compounds. Our USP remains on the fact that boast of a large product portfolio and we work on customers’ requirements, which give us a scope to do customization. With virtue of our glorious experience and a huge client base and our ever urge to develop new product we have bestowed ourselves with a huge market share in the world of designer drugs and compounds. Hence today we emerge as an undisputable market leader. we take pride is not only serving our clients globally but also meeting their requirements in terms of quantity , type and cost. This has helped us with extremely loyal customers. You can also get 5 mapb for sale

Under the prestigious brand of RC chemical, 4MPD is a significant product which has gained a lot of prominence. At RC Chemicals we have a team of scientists who work on developing the product from the best available raw materials and they intensively study the product, so that the end product has the purest form and can exhibit many applications. Like, all our products, we ensure that 4 MPD from our house meets all quality standards.4 MPD is very high on strength and has a lasting effect of stimulation, the effect can last for 8 to 10 hours , when the compound has been administered at a moderate quantity. Thus, we recommend all our buyers to first buy in small samples and get used to the drug and its dosages and effects. Hence we have formulated a way, in which customers can first opt for a small quantity of the drug, experiment and then once they are comfortable with the product they can place bulk orders and enjoy attractive rebates.

We recommend the use of sample items which are in the packages of 5-15 gm before buying the large packet. Buy only when you are satisfied with its effect and buy in bulk to get at whole sale rate.

How to make online orders and payment?

We would want to let our customers know the simple steps for procuring 4MPD from the world’s biggest name in designer compounds – this can simply be done from our website. We dispatch the order son receipt of the payments, which can be simply done through credit cards or through PayPal. we give on-time delivery a great importance and generally deliver consignments in the U.S. with 4 to 6 days , and to the UK within 4-7 days, there might be a delay in delivery due to reasons like public holidays or an occurrence of climatic changes. We would want to emphasize on the fact that we do not sell any prohibited item. In case of any delivery which requires confidentiality due to reasons like market competition, we would request customers to kindly use their personal accounts for the same and we process the request accordingly. You can also ensure your orders by making a small payment- which is 10 percent of the aggregate bill.

You can put orders from our site

For any other query or help, we would request you to get connected with our executives, who would be glad to assist you.